new year, fresh view...

hey party people!!! happy twenty-thirteen :) i'm telling you this is our year!! i just know already that is is gonna be one for the books! not only will i be the big 3-0 (ahhh!!!) ... which means my mama will be the big 5-0 AHHH!! lol... but i see God working in amazing ways already :) His hand is on us and our family in such an amazing way...

as far as moving towards mommy-hood, it is still a work in progress :p lol... i told jason the other day that i will be preggo before i'm thirty... he said "that's this year, we better get to it" lol... i just love him :) we all know it hasn't been that easy for us but i love his enthusiasm :) having a positive attitude will only make the process easier... stressing out about our fertility will only make things worse and i am not willing to put the extra stress on my marriage... God and our relationship will be the foundation of our future family so they will always come first :)

so... back into the blogging swing of things :) i hope! lol


p.s. raiders suck!! go chargers!! bye bye norv & aj :)

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