just wait til you have kids...

quick rant... well hopefully it will be quick... {I'm going to apologize in advance for all of the exclamation points lol}

so if you know me, you know i am the eternal optimist!! everything happens for a reason... what the devil meant for evil, God's got the glory {hallelujah!! thank you Jesus!!}... the cup is always half full {unless it's starbucks... so sad when it's almost gone}... one door closing means a greater opportunity is on the horizon... blah blah blah...

infertility just means more time to grow & develop in our marriage... every night is date night when you don't have kids... my miscarriages have allowed me to support so many other women that it was all worth it to give the glory to God & His plan...  just imagine how much we will appreciate the miracle of life & what a blessing our children will be to our family ... ... ...

but then some idiot says, "oh you just wait! just wait until you have kids..... {fill in the blank}"

why?? why do "negative nelly", "mr. grumpy mcgrumperson" people insist on filling in the blank!!!! do you people not know how blessed you are to be parents!!??!!

tell me, please share all of your horrible parenting stories...

-like about all the times you got no sleep
-or maybe about the time when your 2 year-old melted down... everywhere!!
-maybe you should tell me how hard it will be to be a working mom
-please inform me on how much babies cost
-what about the pregnancy symptoms that you complained about non-stop
-tell me how much my life will change...

then i can tell you a few things...

-i couldn't sleep after having my second miscarriage because i felt so alone
-what about the times i melted down seeing pregnant women... everywhere!!
-like when i had to tell family that the baby was gone... again
-please can i inform you how much infertility could cost!!!
-what about the heartache of having an empty womb month after month
-let me tell you how much my life has changed...

watch what you say about having kids "mr. mcgrumperson"...  because you have no idea...


  1. I think there is so much grace to be offered to people who just don't get it! They think by offering comments it will make us feel better when reality it just stings more!

  2. that is definitely where we have the opportunity to educate and show grace, for sure!!! <3
    love to you my friend!!

  3. I really think people sometime just don't know what to say... They don't want to offend, at the same time think they are helping by sharing a not so pleasant story they may have experienced. ...
    love you always. <3

    1. love you too girl!! it just stings in the moment... & then God reminds me that we don't all have the same struggles, so how could we have the same insights :)