reminder of God's timing...

read another blog today about infertility and was inspired by the writers words. she struggled for years with infertility and multiple (meaning 6!!!) miscarriages... there are no words! she has since has a successful full term pregnancy and was thinking back to the time after her first loss. the specialist said in an email that he was hopeful that her long term prognosis was good... she found hope in his words and went back to the email after each and every loss. as time went on she thought, "what about this is good? how 'longterm' was he talking??"...

and eventually God showed up right on time, just like he does every time! she has been blessed with an amazing love bug... she had lost sight of the long term... but now sees that the prognosis was not just good, it was AMAZING!!

Lord, help me not to lose sight of your plan! help me to see the long term :) because i know it will be AMAZING!!!


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