I think that's my heartbeat??!!

So yesterday was our first appointment for baby :) We were sooo excited!! Jason could barely eat his lunch... I almost had to eat it for him :) can't let good pho go to waste!! After an entire novel of paperwork -uhg!!- we got things under way!

Lots of health history questions... blah...blah...blah... my due date was moved from 10/4 to 10/5... blah...blah...
and finally the moment we were waiting for; little bit's heartbeat!! As the midwife is rubbing cold goo on my belly she stops... its a heartbeat OMG!!! ...wait, "I think that sounds like my heartbeat, it sounds like what I feel in my chest right now!" My heart was beating sooo fast with excitement the midwife thought it was the baby!! So she continues to search and then reminds me, "Well because of your tilted uterus the baby is probably too far back for us to hear, so no need to be concerned. We will check you again next week."

WHAT??!!?? Tilted uterus?? So my uterus is so cool it has a gangsta' lean?? lol The midwife said it doesn't have any complications and is not abnormal... I guess little bit is tucked way deep in there all safe and sound :)

So now the waiting begins... again! Hopefully we will hear a little thump thump next Tuesday :)

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